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Shandong wei tong transport facilities co., LTD,Planning is the collection research and development、Processing、Sales to install power panels,Road signs and transportationRoad parking lineSeries of traffic safety facilities manufacturers,Company to undertake all kinds of traffic engineering.Company's main:The underground parking lot construction,Various road signs production installation,Hot melt road marking paint、Cold spray paint、Room temperature coating production,Production,Sales。Professional cold spray line、The hot line、Shock lines,In addition to the line(Small area、Highway、The parking lot、The underground garage、Driving training、Large enterprises plant、Residential property、Campus playground)
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01Rich experienceThe more jingyan

The company has a team of professional installation team、ProfessionalRoad markingTeam,Since the company since its establishment to undertake the grade highways and parking lots, etc,Traffic engineering design and construction will be subject to the national standard,The careful design、The demand customer to carry out careful construction in design and construction

02Strongshi li xionghou

Company to undertake the various types of traffic engineering,The construction speed、Quality, etc,Get the user consistent high praise,And in the same industry enjoys certain popularity and good reputation。

03?Quality assurance The more jingyan

Our main products are:Road marking、Electric panels、Traffic signs、The road sign、Parking line、Brand construction、Reflective traffic signs、Mark lever、Parking lock、Speed bumps、Reflective road cones、Protect horn、Bull barrels、Parking locators、Black and yellow isolation column、Flashing lights、Construction arrow lights、Elastic column、Reflective convex mirror、The brake、Reflective vest, and other series of traffic safety facilities。

04Win-win cooperation The more jingyan

I will in line with the company“Sincere to the letter、Win-win cooperation”The service idea, Under the guidance of our Chinese dream,Wei tong dream will also with circle。Pursuit“Unity、Professional dedication、Innovation、Distinguished”The wei tong are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life,Create a better future!

Product display

   Shandong wei tong transport facilities co., LTD,Our company is mainly responsible for the product:Road markingParking lineTraffic signsElectric panelsReflective traffic signsThe road signAnd so on a series of products and solution plan of construction,We have specialized productionLEDLuminous word、Ultra-thin light box、Crystal word、PVCWords、Sign、Indoor-outdoor advertisements、Photo print、Printing color pages、Posters、The banner、Pennants、Billboard、The bronze、Aluminum、Display board、Titanium、The tin、Display screen、LEDThe neon lights、Rental aerostat、The arch, etc,We also set planning、Research and development、Processing、Sales of the installation,All kinds of the parking lot,Underground facilities and traffic safety facilities product of an integrated professional enterprise。Company's main:The underground parking lot construction,Various road signs production installation,Hot melt road marking paint、Cold spray paint、Room temperature coating production,Production,Sales。Welcome everyone to come to consult and ask price!

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